Bead Set - Multicolor

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$35.00 CAD

This set of 3 multicolored beads are part of my ready to wear collection.  The colors in the main focal bead range from pale green to deep purple.  A truly one-of-a-kind color mix.  The 2 smaller beads boast similar colors with a little more deep green/brown tones.

They can be easily threaded onto a 1.3mm - 1.6mm chain or cord. This is the way I like to accessorize at will!

Each bead was made using a 3/32" diameter mandrel so you only need to keep in mind the size of the end of the chain to be sure the beads will fit on.

Each set is comprised of 1 focal bead ~18 x 17mm diameter and 2 smaller etched beads ~14 x 8mm diameter.  Perfect for a necklace and earrings or what have you.

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