Heart Pendant - Black Reactive

This beautiful necklace boasts a large glass bead in the shape of a heart.  The glass used aside from black and clear is Double Helix Ekho which is a reactive glass.  The blue and purple colors are a result of the flame chemistry used when making the bead.  It's been finished with some silvered ivory and a colorful murrini.

The bead hangs on a 30" sterling silver chain finished with a large clear crystal to stop the bead from falling off.  Because the bead can be removed from the chain, you have the opportunity to change out your bead at will opening up several new necklace possibilities.

The bead measures 30mm long x 32mm wide x 16mm thk.  It was made on a 3/32"diameter mandrel.

  • 30" sterling silver chain
  • handmade glass bead
  • unique
  • timeless
  • stunning

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