Aquamarine Twist Necklace

A beautiful piece to wear for your next summer event.

With its greenish-blue colour and swirl pattern, the Aquamarine Twist Necklace is a striking handcrafted piece of jewelry created using silver reactive glass. 

The bead is mounted on a sterling silver “add a bead” style post which not only adds to the look but makes it easy to quickly switch pendants for a different look depending on your style for the day.  The wheat-style chain is both feminine and classic, making it perfect for any occasion. 

  • 18” sterling silver wheat style chain
  • 1” diameter lentil style pendant
  • Handmade glass bead through lampworking

If you are drawn to greenish-blue hues, then place your order today for the Aquamarine Twist Necklace.  It will make a stunning and unique accessory to go with your summer wardrobe.    

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