Bead Set - Teal & Amber dots

Oodles of project ideas with this set of beads. Dark teal and amber dots stretched to create a diamond pattern, complimented with metallic dots on top of the teal.

The focal bead, a hefty round bead 18.5 x 15.3mm covered with amber, teal and black dots twisted to create an interesting swirl pattern.

Complimentary spacer beads of teal and amber and frosted amber.

  • focal bead size: ~18.5mm diameter x 15.3mm wides
  • decorated beads (w/dots): ~15.5mm diameter x 9.23mm to 14.35mm diameter x 8.5mm wide
  • decorated beads (w/o dots): ~14mm diameter x 7mm wide
  • frosted amber beads: ~9.5mm diameter x 7mm wide
Feel free to message me with any questions.

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