Big Hole Bead Set

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$98.00 CAD

Big hole beads are perfect for stringing on heavy chain or cord bracelets and necklaces.  These 14 beads were created using a 3/16"diameter mandrel and accounting for the bead release and after cleaning the inside diameter is approximately 6mm. 

They were created in a range of gemstone colours suitable to create birthday or family jewelry. 


  • purple (amethyst)
  • med. blue
  • yellow (peridot)
  • pale green
  • amber (topaz)
  • red (ruby)
  • dark green (emerald)
  • dark red (garnet)
  • pink
  • pale aqua
  • alexandrite
  • dark aqua

I like to core and cap these beads with silver to add a finished look.  When lining these beads, I recommend using soft or annealed tube.  There are several options available but the tube I would use is from Rio Grande Jewelry Supply.