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Golden Polka Dot Earrings

These golden polka dot earrings have quickly become one of my most popular sellers with its elegant design. The set of handmade glass beads are a pretty light brown with little white dots, etched to a matte finish, and complimented with handmade brass caps and silver accent beads.  This set has been finished with fashionable sterling silver swirl earwires.

These beautiful glass bead earrings are utterly chic and elegant with their exquisite design and ornate details. Their size furthermore makes them lightweight and effortless to wear for any occasion, whether it be to work, a party, or even a formal event where a dignified presence is required. The handmade technique additionally gives them a one-of-a-kind fashion, with no two sets being exactly alike.


●    Handmade earrings
●    Glass beads, sterling silver ear wires, brass caps
●    Lightweight, easy to wear
●    Elegant & pretty
●    2.5" long with 0.5" diameter beads

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