Ocean Blue Focal Bead

The perfect addition to your pendant collection.

The Ocean Blue Focal Bead would be a captivating piece to add to any jewelry collection.  The vibrant blue with dashes of purples swirl in a tornado pattern and makes this bead one-of-a-kind and gives off a magical and elegant vibe. This focal bead is also versatile.  Add it to a chain to make a necklace, bracelet or keychain or use for other projects.

  • Measurements: 37mm tall by 34mm wide by 15.5mm
  • Handmade glass bead through lampworking
  • Crafted on a 3/32 diameter mandrel
  • Made in Canada

The type of glass used in this bead shift it's colours depending on the type of light.  In sunlight the purples and greens become more apparent.  In low light the blue is more prominent.

Consider getting the Ocean Blue Focal Bead for yourself or for someone you know who likes elegant and unique hand crafted pieces.  Don’t wait, contact me today to place your order for this exclusive bead.  

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