Quilted Bag & Rainbow Coloured Seam Ripper

What a great gift idea for the person who sews.  

This gift set consists of a quilted draw string bag, a beaded seam ripper and a set of glass buttons.

This seam ripper, also known as a stitch ripper, is adorned with a long glass tube bead.  The colours used here are green, purple, and yellow.  This set also includes a set of 2 glass buttons in a pinkish blue colour with a swirl pattern in the center.

This measures 6 1/2" long and comes with a plastic cover to protect the blade.

The beautiful, pink trimmed draw string bag measures 8" x 4" x 5" tall and has front pockets.

The quilted zipper bag was made by a friend of mine Kari Stewart.  Her passion for quilting shows in her work.  She can be found on Instagram @kari5000.