Wine Bottle Stopper - Hot Pink Heart

Hot Pink Wine Bottle Stopper

Bling up your bar or atleast your wine bottle.
 These fabulous wine bottle stoppers are perfect for dressing up your wine bottles and are a great gift for the host or hostess of your holiday parties.

This wine bottle stopper consists of a large heart shaped, hot pink glass bead.  The colour is deep and intense.

One problem I hear from some people is that they rarely have any wine left in the bottle so they have no need for a bottle stopper.  While I understand this can be an issue, consider using it in an empty bottle, just for show.  Or, and this one is my favourite ideas, unfasten the ball at the top of the bottle stopper, remove the bead and string the focal bead onto a chain or cord and wear it.  You can always thread the beads back onto the wine bottle stopper hardware and use it when you need to.

I call this item a multi-functional gift if you are looking for gift ideas.

Note: when replacing the beads on the stopper, be sure not to over tighten the assembly or you could crack the beads.  My rule of thumb is finger tight.
The assembly consists of rubber washers so the beads have a cushion against the metal.

When cleaning this piece, do so by hand and not the dishwasher.  The body is chrome plated, the washers are rubber, the beads are glass, and some of the decorative bits are plated base metal.

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