Wedding Cake Serving Set

A Unique Wedding Gift

Made-to-order, or custom projects, are where the magic truly happens. These unique creations allow me to blend colours and designs to match the customers vision perfectly.  Whether it’s finding the perfect shade of turquoise or creating intricate patterns, custom orders offer a personalized touch that makes every item one-of-a-kind.

One of my favorite custom projects was this gorgeous cake serving set I made for my niece’s wedding. Her wedding colours were a dreamy blend of peachy pink and minty turquoise—two hues that required some serious glass blending and layering magic to get just right.

pantone-1228 colourpantone 4909 colour

I felt pretty confident about nailing the peachy pink, but the turquoise? Oh man, that was a real challenge. Blue is such a popular colour that there are about a hundred different shades of turquoise and light blue to choose from. And to get that perfect touch of mint, add another hundred shades of green into the mix. I started testing colours and finally came up with a beautiful two-layer combination for each handle. I decorated them with twisted dots, creating bands of white and the turquoise blend for a striking contrast.

Next up was sizing the beads. Each bead needed to be 3 inches long and wide enough to fit comfortably in the hand. After several test runs, I finally created the perfect beads for the handles.


The end result? I absolutely love how this set turned out! The colours were spot-on with the swatches, and the set measured 13 inches long with stainless steel hardware.

If you’re interested in a custom cake set for an upcoming wedding or a special event of your own, I’d love to help make it extra memorable. Custom orders usually take 3-4 weeks, so drop me an email, and I’ll get back to you right away.