My return policy is pretty simple.  I stand behind all of my work. All of my beads have been properly annealed in a digitally controlled kiln after which I visually inspect for any problems. 

Although it doesn’t happen very often, sometimes a bead just breaks without any abuse.

  If this situation arises I will gladly take back the bead and replace it.  If it is not possible for me to duplicate the broken bead I’ll replace it with a bead as similar as possible.


In order to return the bead to me, please send me an email stating your situation and I’ll send you back return information.

  • If the broken bead is part of a piece of jewelry you have purchased from me please return the entire piece to me and I will reset the broken bead.

  • If the broken bead is part of a piece of jewelry made by someone else please only return the bead.

  • If you have an issue with a piece of jewelry made by me, please contact me with your issue and I will advise how to make your return.