Frequently Asked Questions

Product Information

My beads are made by melting a rod of glass in the flame of an oxygen & propane fueled torch.  I use a steel rod (also known as a mandrel) that has been coated with what we call bead release and wrap molten glass on the rod until I get the desired size and shape.  When the bead has been completed it is put in a kiln for annealing. The annealing process removes the stresses in the glass to make it strong and durable.

Glass is made of a mixture of lime, soda, and sand. To obtain different colors metal oxides are added like copper, iron, gold, cobalt or other oxides.

I generally buy my glass from distributors in Canada & the USA. The majority of my glass is manufactured in the USA, Germany, Italy, and China. 

If there is something that you would really like to have, send me an email and I'll let you know if it's something I can do or not.

Order Information

I can accept all methods of payment. My online store can accept all major credit cards; for in-person purchases I accept e-transfers, cash, or credit cards.

All items from this store ship from British Columbia, Canada.  The majority of my items are shipping in boxes to ensure they are not damaged in transit.  Loose Beads will be packaged and shipped in a bubble mailer. 

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My return policy is pretty simple.  I stand behind all of my work.  If you have one of my beads and it all of a sudden breaks, I'll replace it with the same or something close.  If you have a piece of my jewelry and it breaks I'll fix it.  Just send me an email with the story and a picture and we will go from there. 

I have a more detailed version of my return policy here.