Here is where you'll find interesting, unique, and beautiful glass beads, handcrafted jewelry, and one-of-a-kind gift items.

From a single glass bead sitting on a window ledge, reflecting pretty coloured flashes of light, to a statement bead on a long silver chain that completes the outfit you painstakingly put together for that special event.

Through my work I help people celebrate the little pleasures in life, one bead at a time.

Who am I

I'm Debbie and I am a glass bead maker, jewelry designer, and creative spirit.

As a crafter most of my life, I've always enjoyed the art of making regardless of the medium. Beadmaking and jewelry design has been my passion since 2008.

Lampworking quickly opened another level of creating for me. I fell in love with how a simple glass bead can create an eye-catching necklace, or a pair of colourful glass earrings can make you want to wear your hair up.

Having the ability to funnel my ideas into functional, wearable art for the person who enjoys unique and colourful, continues to motivate me.

My goal is to make jewelry that speaks to you.

My Why

I have been a beadmaker since 2008 when after a lesson with a local artist I knew this would change my world. It is not an art exclusive to beadmaking although beadmaking is a very popular part of it.

I am constantly in awe of the number of amazing artisans who mold molten glass into statues, figurines, and so many other fabulous glass works. These people inspire me to continue learning this craft and to stretch my boundaries.

By using quality materials and combining glass beads with jewelry making techniques, it’s easy to see glass jewelry is not like anything else. It’s colourful, it’s eye catching, it’s unique, and it stands out!

Gifts for all Occasions

While my main use for the beads I make is in my jewelry, I also love to embellish serving ware and other functional hardware including decorative fan pulls, key rings, and purse hangers.

Perfect for gift giving for any occasion.

Take a tour of my store, read my blog, sign up to my mailing list, send me an email and ask me questions. 

My passion for this art goes beyond just making something pretty, although that makes it even more pleasant, but it allows me to be creative and share that with other like minded people.

Other locations to shop

Need a unique and creative gift and can't wait until I get back?  You can also find several of my glass products in-store at Little Gypsy's Fine Jewelry, Gifts & Gallery in Port Moody.

This cute, boutique style gallery is located in "Old Town" Port Moody in a 1920's era house and is home to over 50 local BC artisans and features beautiful, unique, handmade jewelry, pottery, glassware, paintings, carvings and more.  Be sure to add Little Gypsy's to your list of shops when looking for great gifts and custom-made jewelry.

49 Queens Street, "Old Town" Port Moody, BC  V3H 2N3 ph: 604-931-2662