Black Pearl Bracelet

The Black Pearl Bracelet is mysterious with a stunning design, featuring a special glass that has been altered with a flame technique. This blooms the glass into a beautiful explosion of colors, including blue, purple, green, and yellow, while taking on a matte finish.

This handmade bracelet was inspired by these beautiful beads and their enigmatic expression, complimented by many different accents such as rice pearls, crystals, charms, and numerous sterling/fine silver aspects. While you would ordinarily see a white pearl bracelet, this one takes on an entirely new and unique perspective for that extra touch of creativity.

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The Black Pearl Bracelet is both casual and dressy, suitable for everyday use, or as a "special occasion" accessory for your most important events. When worn, it hangs beautifully from your wrist in a lightweight fashion despite its heavy appearance with beads and charms dangling in all different directions.


●    Handmade glass beads
●    Sterling & fine silver, pearls, silver charms, accent beads, clasp
●    Unique glass with flame technique
●    Dressy/casual look
●    Size 7.5"  (adjustable to fit smaller wrists)

Note: This bracelet has been sized to drape from one large ring located by the clasp, but it can be adjusted to fit smaller wrists by hooking the clasp on one of the smaller links in the bracelet.