Bead set - Autumn Hues

Hey there, creative souls! Ready to add a cozy touch to your bead collection? Introducing my 'Autumn Hues' bead set, a carefully curated ensemble that captures the essence of autumn's warmth. This set features 14 stunning glass beads, some a smooth finish while others have been etched to a fine matt finish.  Several beads have been decorated with fine silver wire.

Here's the colour lineup: we've got light amber that glows like a gentle sunrise, maple brown deep and rich like autumn leaves, and light brown with a unique etched texture for that extra oomph. And let's not forget the creamy brown, also etched and both shades adorned with fine silver for that extra dash of elegance.

Size-wise, these beauties are approximately 10mm x 8mm, crafted on thin mandrels to create a neat 1mm diameter hole, perfect for stringing. They're just the right size for whatever project you've got in mind - a dainty bracelet, a statement necklace, or maybe some cute drop earrings to bring a bit of autumn magic to your look.

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