Bead set - Blue Serenity

Hello, fellow bead aficionados! Get ready to be swept away by my 'Blue Serenity' bead set, where the tranquility of blue meets the elegance of texture and silver. This set is a true celebration of the serene and majestic hues of blue, crafted with love and an eye for detail.

In this special collection, you'll find 8 beads, each one a testament to the beauty of blue. I've played with shades, giving you a mix of light and dark blues that mimic the ever-changing sky and sea. What's unique about these beads is their fine matte finish, achieved through careful etching. This gives them a soft, velvety texture that's both visually stunning and delightful to touch.

Some of these beauties are adorned with fine silver decorations, adding a touch of sparkle and sophistication.

The bead shapes are a mix of donut-shaped beads, measuring 14mm x 9mm, and round beads that are approximately 14mm. This variety allows for creativity and flexibility in your designs. Made on 3/32 diameter mandrels, these beads have the perfect hole size for most jewelry projects and several other creative projects included decorative handles for servingware or elaborate wire wrapping.

Whether you're creating a piece of jewelry or something else, the 'Blue Serenity' bead set is perfect for those who love a blend of colour, texture, and a hint of shimmer. Dive into the depths of blue and let your creativity flow!

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