Bead set - Kaleidoscope Dreams

This collection is a vibrant celebration of colour, texture, and design, perfect for those who love to add a splash of wonder to their creations.

In this diverse set, you'll find 13 beads, each one a unique expression of colour and artistry. I've embraced a spectrum of captivating colours: lush greens, vivid & intense reds, serene aqua blues, and deep cobalt blues. It's like having a rainbow at your fingertips!

Some of these beads have been wrapped in fine silver, adding an elegant touch and a hint of sparkle and two special beads in this set are disk-shaped, measuring 18mm x 8mm.  

The beads range in size from 13mm to 16mm, offering variety and versatility for all sorts of creative projects. Whether you're crafting a statement necklace, a bold bracelet, or eye-catching earrings, these beads provide the perfect canvas for your imagination.

The 'Kaleidoscope Dreams' bead set is more than just a collection of beads; it's an invitation to embark on a creative journey, to play with colours and shapes, and to bring your unique visions to life.

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