Bead set - Whispering Skies

Hi there, creative spirits! Prepare to be charmed by my 'Whispering Skies' bead set, a delightful blend of colors and textures that will breathe life into your jewelry designs or projects. This set is a serene celebration of transparent hues, perfect for those who adore the subtlety and elegance of light blue and pale lavender.

I give you 10 beads in hues of light blue and pale lavender. These hues are soothing, dreamy, and absolutely gorgeous.

Most of these beads have been etched to a fine matte finish, giving them a wonderfully tactile quality that's both sophisticated and rustic. And then, adding a little twinkle to this pretty set, some beads are adorned with fine silver decorations, offering a subtle shimmer that catches the light and the eye.

The beads are all donut-shaped, measuring about 13mm x 8mm, and crafted on 3/32 diameter mandrels. Several have a ribbed pattern that adds interest and texture.  This size and shape make them versatile for a variety of projects - think jewelry, keychain dangles, handles for your beadable hardware, dream catchers!

The 'Whispering Skies' bead set is perfect for those who love to mix and match, play with contrasts, and create jewelry that's not just an accessory but a piece of art. Let these beads inspire you to create something that's as tranquil and beautiful as a soft, sky-filled horizon. Happy beading!

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