Icy Blue Bubble Drop Pendant

Classic Look, Blue is the eternal colour in the fashion world. This mysterious pendant will enhance your look.

This particular bead is a large oval shaped bead of approx. 1" from end to end and approx. 3/4" around the middle.  The bead is lined with fine silver tubing.  I felt the beauty of the bead did not require much accessorizing so I kept it simple with a pair of handmade caps and small silver beads.  The bail this bead hangs from is handmade by me using fine silver. 

I chose to leave off the chain so the wearer of this pendant can accessorize to their satisfaction.  The size and weight of the bead lends itself to a long necklace but the silver bail can be removed if you prefer to wear the bead short. 

The bail can also be used with other beads.  The piece hangs approximately 3" long including the handmade bail.

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