Multicolor Marble with Silver Bail

Have a look at this beautiful 1" handmade glass marble-style bead pendant, where old-world charm meets modern style. This bead boasts a captivating marble design, intricate swirls of green, blue, yellow, white, and black, as well as a splash of silver mesh that adds a unique sparkle and dash of elegance to this one-of-a-kind bead. 

This bead is held by a handmade 1.5" silver teardrop bail, adding to its polished, chic look.

With carefully chosen silver findings, this isn't just jewelry, it's a statement piece. A fantastic addition to any collection, or a thoughtful gift.

Turn it into a standout necklace with a chain or cord of your choice. If you'd like me to provide one, just let me know before checking out.

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